Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how The Social Mouse collects, uses and discloses information about you.

Legal Terms

The terms “Social Mouse”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Social Mouse and it’s Parent Company, CassComm Corp.

We use the terms “Social Mouse Services” or “Services” to refer to our products, software, services or website.

We use the terms “you”, “your”, and “user” to refer to any person using Services.

We use the term “Virtual World” to refer to a 3D virtual environment that can be visited by avatars belonging to our users or users of third-party service providers (such as other OpenSim grid operators)

Why do we store information ?

We at The Social Mouse care about your privacy and aim to limit the amount of information we keep about you. However, we can’t provide services that require information without storing that information. For example, we can’t display a comment that was posted on our website if we don’t store that comment, the time it was posted and the identity of the user who posted it.

But why do we track any information and when?

We are unable to fix bugs or protect the security of our system if we don’t keep records of when information was modified and by what or whom and at what time. Otherwise, if something happens to your account we won’t be able to detect it and we’ll have no way to investigate why it happened. In addition, we can’t comply with laws that regulate the storage of some types of information, such as transaction records, without storing detailed records for those types of activities.

To be clear, there are several reasons why we keep information but we never keep records of events and communications held inside The Social Mouse for longer than we have to. We also do not share the information we collect with third parties unless we are required to do so by law or sharing that information is required for providing The Social Mouse Services you used. For example, we’ll show people your name and what you wrote if you post that information on our website, but we won’t create a profile of your posts and sell it to some advertiser. As another example, our system will save the private chat messages you send inside Virtual Worlds,(e.g. Offline messages) but only for as long as is required to deliver these messages to the avatars you sent them to. In addition, our system won’t keep a record of you having sent these messages as that record isn’t required for providing any of the Services we offer you.

it’s important that you keep this in mind as you read our privacy policy. You can read the complete list of reasons we collect data in the “How do we use this information?” section below.

What kinds of information do we collect?

We collect different kinds of information from or about you, depending on The Social Mouse Services you use.

Things you do and information you provide

We collect the content and other information you provide when you use The Social Mouse Services, including when you create an account, modify your account, upload and post content, and message or communicate with others. This can include information in or about the content you provide, such as where it was posted to and when, and the copyright and licensing information of that content. We also collect information about how you use our Services, such as the time and duration of your visits to Social Mouse hosted Virtual Worlds, and the groups your avatar joins.

Things others do and information they provide

We collect content and information that other people provide when they use The Social Mouse Services, including information about you, such as when they send you messages, send you a friend request or group invites, or mention you as the creator of some content they uploaded into our system.

Your networks and connections

We collect some information about the people and groups you are connected to and how you interact with them, such as your group messages, who visited your Social Mouse hosted Virtual World(s).

Your device information

We collect information from or about the computers, phones, or other devices you use to access The Social Mouse Services. We may collect this information manually by asking you for it when you make a support request, and we may collect it automatically, depending on the need and the permissions you’ve granted our Services to do so. We may associate the information we collect from your different devices to help us provide you with a consistent service across all these devices.

The device information we collect varies depending on the device but may include such things as:

Device attributes such as the device’s operating system, hardware version, settings, file and software names and types, and device identifiers.
The geographical locations of the devices from which you’re trying to access our Services.
Connection information such as the name of your ISP, browser type, time zone, and IP address.
Information from third-party providers that use The Social Mouse Services
We collect information when you access The Social Mouse Services via third-party services that use our API. This includes information about your use of our Services via those APIs, as well as information the third-party service provider shares with us about you.

Information from third-party providers that The Social Mouse Services uses

We have access to some of the information that is gathered about your activities on The Social Mouse Services by third-party components that are integrated into our Services, such as Google Analytics and DISQUS. While some of your interactions with these components may include providing them with your personal information, we do not keep copies of the personally identifiable information that these third-parties may collect about you. You can configure what information these components collect about you on their respective websites and apps.

What information can’t we protect?

*Entering any personal information into our “inworld” local or private chat social media posts, or forum discussions. This includes public, private, and group messages with others.

*Entering private information into your in world profile.

*Your Avatar name, uuid, and/or our grid login URL (Which is displayed when you visit another virtual world).

*Voice conversations (any and all comments made while using viovox services in world)

*Private information you may enter into any in world scripted objects

How do we use this information?

we use the information we collect to help us provide you with the best services available. This is what we use this information for:

To provide and improve our Services - As mentioned previously, we store information first and foremost in order to provide the Services you elect to use that require that information to work.
We also use the information we collect to troubleshoot our systems, conduct audits, conduct surveys, research how our Services are used, test features in development, evaluate and improve existing Services, and develop new Services and features.

To communicate with you - We use the information we collect to be able to provide you with useful responses when you contact us for help. We also use that information to inform you about problems we’ve detected relating to your Social Mouse account or your use of our Services.  
Depending on your account privacy settings, we may also use your information to send you marketing information, send you information about our Services, and let you know about changes to our policies and terms of service.

To protect our users and our Services from harm - We use the information we collect to preserve your safety and the security of our Services. For example, we use that information to investigate suspicious activity, abuse reports, and other potential violations of our terms or service. We may then use that information to respond to those violations by, for example, contacting the people involved and, if needed, suspending, deleting or banning the offending parties and/or content from The Social Mouse Services.

How is this information shared?

We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information while it is being accessed and stored.

That said, enabling people to connect and communicate with others is a key aspect of our Services. We enable this sharing of information in the following ways:

People you communicate or interact with - When you communicate using our Services, you choose who you share that information with. For example, when you share information in the publicly-accessible sections of our forums, anyone visiting that part of our forums can view your account name, account profile, and the information you shared. When you post to a group, anyone belonging to that group may see the similar information. Finally, when you send a private message to someone, only that person will see that message.  Any information which is shared in publicly-accessible parts of The Social Mouse Services will be viewable by anyone accessing The Social Mouse Services, even as anonymous visitors to our website. 
Other than for the reasons explained previously, The Social Mouse doesn’t keep records of communications held inside Virtual Worlds. However, some Virtual Worlds you may visit with your Social Mouse avatar (that are hosted by us or on third-party systems) may contain third-party scripts that will record your avatar’s activity and/or communications. In addition, avatars who are party to communications you participate in may be recording or transcribing these communications without your approval. Furthermore, anyone who you shared information with may be keeping records of that information without your approval. The Social Mouse has no way to prevent the creation of these recordings nor are we able to protect the information that they contain. Therefore do not use The Social Mouse Services to share any sensitive information or information that you or others wish to keep private. The Social Mouse will not be able to protect that information inside The Social Mouse Services and we’ll be unable to control its distribution outside The Social Mouse Services and it’s parent company.

People that see content others share about you - Other people may use The Social Mouse Services to share content about you. For example, people may share a photo that includes your avatar participating in an event, or share information about you that you shared with them. If you believe that what was shared inside The Social Mouse Services violates our terms of service then please ask the person who shared it to remove it and, if they don’t comply with your request, then report the incident to us.

Third-party systems that are integrated with our Services - Third-party systems that use, or are integrated with, The Social Mouse Services may receive information about you, your activities in The Social Mouse Services or what you share via their systems.

Vendors, service providers and other partners - We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal identification information to others for reasons not listed in our Privacy Policy. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating or developing our Services, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to adhere to strict confidentiality obligations in a way that is consistent with this Privacy Policy and the agreements we enter into with them. However, non-personally identifiable information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.


Policy’s Revision Date
This document was last updated on May 27, 2018.


The section headings in the Terms are for convenience and readability only and have no legal or contractual effect.