Immerse yourself in 3D interactive content created by you and the community. 

  • Be Social: Join or Create communities and connect with people around the MetaVerse who share your passions.

  • Build: Import mesh models from Blender™, Maya or your favorite Program, You can also Build 3D Models in world that can be imported from in the game into your favorite program. You can also use our in-world tools to animate your models!

  • Script: Bring your dreams to life – add animations, and unique behaviors with scripting by using our built-in programming language.

Already know what Virtual World living is about? Let's get to the good stuff:

  • Hypergird* enabled for access to thousands of other virtual worlds created by users just like you.
  • Inworld currency supplied by Gloebits.**
  • Voice-enabled for private or local voice chat.
  • NPC*** enabled on all regions
  • Free neighborhoods you can live in or to make your own home.
  • Free Gloebit Enabled Shop for all content creators and designers.
  • Own your own world/Region for as little as $10 per month.
  • MESH enabled.
  • All on Microsoft Servers for Top Performance

Terms used and explained:

*Hypergrid means having the ability to travel into different Virtual Worlds.

**Gloebits is the currency available in the world in order to make purchases in the world you will have to Buy G$ (Gloebits) with USD. Good news! Gloebits can be exchanged back to USD.

***NPC means Non-Player Character they are bots you can create and control to aid you in making your RPG