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Yes - That's me IRL - :-) I am the Loving Owner of The Social Mouse (An Adult Grid) We Believe in Freedom for all check us out COME be Social ! @ Still perving me ? Just message me already XD ! let me know if you found the shot glass :-)
Kal Silverfall
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November 15, 2017
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Me in real life Not everyone here is Old!
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The Social Mouse
This is the Social Mouse Citizen's Group - All Residents are required to join this group in order to move around freely on the grid. Also Any and All Grid Wide Announcements will be issued in this group

#~=@::::Pycckoe & Afes:::@=~# @

Diamond Sands @

GGJ Freebies @

The Diamond Group LLP

The Harbor @

Schnappi-Shoppi @


Tranquility Virtual Welcome @

Social Mouse Staff


**GreekLife** @

TwoInOneHeart @

Satyr Farms
A group for all farmers to help each other with questions and concerns.

BunniCorns Addicts!
Welcome and Thank you for joinging our group! This Group is for all talk BunniCorns! to announce your new BunniCorns! to reach out for help.

Keng Network @

*The Furniture River* @

Social Mouse Advertising
Join here to be notified of new events happening on the grid.

Kinky Mouse
Cum shop until you drop and get all your naughty items and lingerie here at Social Secret.. Find the Portals that lead to the "Play Areas " - A Members Only Experience

Social Community
Welcome to the Social Community group - Members in this group are your neighbor's and are the only ones who will have access to this Region.

Social Marina
Cum for the party - Stay for the lifestyle ! Grab a Group tag from any member drop your boat and set anchor, stay and mingle ......

Moncrieffs @

Social Sin
A group for naughty people to meet...

Battle Group DG @

Endless Summer Patrons @

Social Acres
Welcome to Social Acres, Joining this group will allow you to interact with items at Social Farms and other Social Acres Properties.

* TVH Grid Eevents * @

My Fetish @

Social sExpo

Commune Residents

Social Mouse Positive Changes
Group Charter

The Golden Touch @

SM Positive Changes

Arkham Grid @

Zoie's Sanctuary