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The Social Mouse Birthday
December 28, 2017
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The Social Mouse
This is the Social Mouse Citizen's Group - All Residents are required to join this group in order to move around freely on the grid. Also Any and All Grid Wide Announcements will be issued in this group

Club De Paradis

Chillax Beach @

Irie Vibes
Irie Vibes is a laid back exotic paradice where everyone is welcome. Come join us where there is always something to do and great music playing. There are dance poles for group members to earn some $$$. DJ's. dancers and host get 100% of thir tips! Looks us up @ the Social Mouse grid and on the opensim world website. We will have a lot of events with DJ's sninning your favorite tunes. Come join the fun or take the stage and spin your tunes as a DJ, Host or hop on a pole and earn some $$$.

BunniCorns Addicts!
Welcome and Thank you for joinging our group! This Group is for all talk BunniCorns! to announce your new BunniCorns! to reach out for help.