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OS Wanderer Friends Welcome East Coast, USA Laguages: English Some Spanish, little Italian & Portuguese brought to you by high school.
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December 13, 2017
Real Life
First life? Yup, I have one of those. Here's my 1st picture to prove it. Still have that awkward new baby thing happening in the face here but worked itself out. I'm not overly protective of my RL, and I would prefer you to not be either.
Real Life Picture

Did you come from SL? Yes, didn't we all? What made you leave? It seemed like anything I found remotely enjoyable just died. What made you want to come to OS? I came on hopes of finding a place where it's ok to just be yourself. I'm not a role play extremist nor am I into that sort of play... I'm fine with you using your Avi as a representation of who you would like to be or even how you would like to look, but I would much rather you be yourself who ever that is..(Example: Don't ask me where I'm from and when I ask you the same you bark at me because your avi is a dog)

What do you like to do? Just teleporting around. I love the creative aspect of it all... Pretty much everyone uses the same building blocks for their grid but each lay them out a little differently with their own idea of what's aesthetically pleasing. Are you single? Yes Sir! Do you want to be in a relationship/partnered? No. I can't see myself fulfilling the main requirements to have even an ok relationship let alone a great one. Can we be friends? Of course, I'm open to most conversations and they don't always have to be super meaningful or deep. Just be a cool down to earth person. Side notes: I don't talk about sex, religion or politics. If you're the "I delete inactive users" type, don't even Like Blender? Me too! Feel free drop me some tips on rigging and lighting because my current level is trashbags.

The Social Mouse
This is the Social Mouse Citizen's Group - All Residents are required to join this group in order to move around freely on the grid. Also Any and All Grid Wide Announcements will be issued in this group

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Cum shop until you drop and get all your naughty items and lingerie here at Social Secret.. Find the Portals that lead to the "Play Areas " - A Members Only Experience